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Application and Admission

Here you will find detailed information about the admission procedure for the Dentistry study program at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.

Admission Procedure

Study places in medicine and dentistry are allocated via the Foundation for University Admission ("Hochschulstart").  You can also apply there for different medical degree programs at the same time. In addition, you can choose from as many universities as you like.

The distribution of study places awarded via the main Hochschulstart procedure is based on three admission quotas:

  • Abiturbestenquote (Abitur best quota)
    (30% of the study places)
  • Zusätzliche Eignungsquote (aptitude quota)
    (ZEQ, 10% of the study places)
  • Auswahlverfahren der Hochschulen (selection procedure of the universities)
    (AdH, 60% of the study places)

30% of the study places are allocated via the Abitur best quota exclusively on the basis of the Abitur average. Here, the comparability of the Abitur grades of all states is ensured via a compensation mechanism.

In 2020, the aptitude quota was introduced as a quota that is not dependent on school grades and is used to allocate 10% of study places. Here, the universities may decide which criteria they wish to take into consideration. These include, for example, the results of entrance tests, selection interviews and previous professional training.

At HHU, the Test for Medical Studies (TMS) plays the decisive role here!

There is no longer a waiting period quota, in which study places are awarded exclusively according to the length of the waiting semesters. In recent years, prospective students have had to wait longer and longer for a study place due to high demand.

We award different numbers of points for each of the criteria listed below. In total, you can achieve a maximum of 100 points in the AdH procedure:

Average Abitur grade

The most important criterion in the AdH procedure is the result of the university entrance qualification (HZB), i.e. the Abi-NC. You can achieve a maximum of 68 points for this.


In addition to the Abitur average, the result of the TMS is also taken into account for the study places awarded in our selection procedure. We award a maximum of 29 points for the TMS result.


For a completed service, e.g. a FSJ, you will be credited with three points in our AdH procedure.

Work experience

In addition, we have introduced a sub-quota in our AdH procedure for applicants with completed professional training in the medical field. Here, the applicants are ranked according to approximately the same criteria, but they only compete with each other for the 20 or so study places available to them, as the training is credited with 50 of the possible 100 points.

For the HZB you can achieve a maximum of 34 points, for the TMS a maximum of 15 points and for a completed service one point.

Detailed information on the application process can be found on the website of the Foundation for University Admission.

The Test for Medical Studies (TMS) is relevant as a selection criterion in almost all admission quotas at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf since 2020!

The next TMS will take place on May 8, 9, 29 and 30, 2021 at various locations throughout Germany.

Please remember to register for the TMS in time! Registration is always possible from December 1 to January 15. For more information about the TMS and registration, click here.

In addition to the main Hochschulstart procedure, we allocate around 70 study places via so-called "advance quotas". In addition to applications for a second degree programme, these include hardship cases and international applicants from non-EU countries.


First aid course

You must also be trained in first aid before applying for admission to the first section of the dental examination. The course familiarises you with first aid measures both theoretically and practically.

Further information can be found in Section 13 of the new Dental Licensing Regulations (ZApprO).

Nursing service

Before applying for admission to the first section of the dental examination, you must provide evidence of one month's nursing service. This will give you an insight into nursing activities.

Further information can be found in Section 14 of the new Dental Licensing Regulations.


If you have any questions regarding the study of medicine and the entry into the study program, please contact the contact persons in the Dean of Studies for Medicine.

General questions about application and enrollment are best directed to the HHU Student Service Center.

Would you like tips and advice from medical students? Then contact our medical student council.

During the lecture period, consultation hours are held every Monday from 9.30 to 11.30 am.

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