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Application for a higher semester

Would you like to continue your dental studies with us at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf? We have compiled some important information for you here.


Placement in the appropriate semester is based on our Düsseldorf curriculum. It is therefore not primarily decisive how many semesters you have already studied or how many semesters have been recognised by the State Examination Office.

A change in the pre-clinical section in particular can lead to an extension of study time, as this section in Düsseldorf is closely interlinked with the model degree programme in human medicine. For example, some credits are already offered in the first semester that become relevant later at other universities. Please note that only fully completed credits can be recognised.

As we have incorporated dental medicine courses into our curriculum from the first semester, these are a prerequisite for your application. You can find out which courses take place in which semester in our study plan.

In principle, a change of location - if it is really considered necessary - is recommended after passing the Physikum (old ZApprO) or after passing the intermediate examinations (Z1 or Z2; new ZApprO).

Consultation hour

At the end of each semester (usually at the end of February/beginning of March or the beginning of September), we offer an open consultation specifically for students who are transferring. At this appointment, we will give you feedback on which semester you will be placed in on the basis of the Düsseldorf curriculum. For this appointment, you will need your application for a higher semester as well as your complete original transcripts of records. If you have studied abroad, you will need to have your achievements recognised by the relevant state examination office.

You will find the date for the next consultation on the right-hand side of this page.


Please note: We do not hold any study places specifically for transfer students / applicants in the higher semester. We can only allocate study places in the higher semester if these have become available for various reasons.

You can find the application form and further information here

The information provided relates to the regulations in Düsseldorf. You will need to enquire about the procedure at other locations.

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