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Prospective students

We are pleased that you are interested in studying dentistry in Düsseldorf!

The study of dentistry in Düsseldorf provides you with all the necessary scientific and practical skills for the independent practice of the dental profession. At an early stage, we place special emphasis on interlocking basic medical knowledge with clinical aspects of dentistry.

You will learn basic knowledge, skills and attitudes in all subjects that are necessary for the dental care of the population. In addition, our dental studies program will provide you with knowledge about health and disease, diagnostic procedures, and therapeutic and preventive concepts in the dental, oral, and maxillofacial areas.

The content of the dental medicine program is closely intertwined with the human medicine model study programme at Heinrich Heine University. In contrast to the study of human medicine, however, you can enter the profession directly as a fully trained dentist after completing your dental studies!

Practical Experience Right from the Start

With us, you will gain an insight into dental work early on in your studies in specific practical dental courses. In simulated practical situations, you will already acquire the necessary routine in the preclinical phase to be able to carry out dental treatment on real patients in the clinical phase.

The technical-propaedeutic course starts in the first semester. Soon after, you can practice grinding teeth and other clinical steps and procedures on so-called phantom patients in our "phantom courses".

In the clinical section, our dental program focuses on interdisciplinary courses and integrated courses. In the clinical courses, you can extensively deepen your practical skills and abilities in dental diagnosis and treatment on patients.

Tip: To prepare for the dental technology part of your studies, we recommend an internship in a dental technology laboratory before you start your studies. A "small internship" in a dental practice can also help you make your decision - this will give you a small impression of what you can expect later.

Strong Community

We focus on a familiar atmosphere and manageable semester groups. In total, there are just 350 dental students in Düsseldorf - this ensures a strong cohesion!

You will start your dental studies with about 50 other students. This means that you will get to know your fellow students very quickly and the contact with the lecturers is also very friendly.

Since the oral exams take place in groups of four, learning in small groups is also an advantage. But it's not only learning together that brings people together; leisure activities such as the "Zahni-Glühweinabend" (mulled wine evening) or the "Medigrillen" (barbecue) with the human medicine students also promote the community.

State-of-the-Art Technology in Use

We want to prepare our students as dentists of the future for the use of the latest technical standards. Therefore, you will already learn in the pre-clinic in new, modern equipped rooms. You will also learn how to use the latest digital technology in patient examinations.

The preclinical dentistry rooms, which will open in 2019, offer our students the opportunity to work with modern instruments and phantom heads in the dental practical courses. In the clinical study section, even high-tech equipment such as intraoral cameras or 3D scanners will then be used.

International Networking

Our dental students have access to a special course-specific exchange program with the University of Leuven as well as with Milan and Paris. For a limited number of participants, there is the possibility to spend three months at one of the three locations during the clinical study section.

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